Let's Check In

Ready for 2020?

2020 can be a different kind of year. It can be a year with a little ease. It can be a year where you look forward to what you crave instead of dreading your cravings, cause you know you can't satisfy them. 

2020 will be a different kind of year. 

BreatheOnline is six weeks together so that you can learn some new skills and tools. You'll learn how to get present with how you're feeling in the moment.  You'll feel your body/mind/spirit and as scary as that may sound, this is the key to mindfully managing your mental health. 

You'll learn :

Emotion Regulation and other DBT Skills

Legs Up The Wall and other Yoga Poses
Eating to Access Your Serotonin and other Nutrition Skills
How to Check-In and other Mindfulness Tools
How To Put It All Together

A Bit Of My Story

My Story

Let me tell you a tiny bit of my story, maybe it will sound familiar.  Maybe It will resonate with you.

I had a crazy childhood. Whether my childhood created an anxiety disorder or not, I don't know. However, I can promise you that my childhood trauma makes my days hard sometimes. 

I frequently have insomnia, I find myself worrying, I get easily nauseated, I used to get headaches and I sometimes get hijacked by big emotions and feel fearful. I have panic. 

We're Each Different

'This is how anxiety and PTSD show up for me, but maybe managing your mental health feels more like coming up from underwater. Maybe there's a heaviness, lethargy and dread about life. We're all different. Symptoms  of trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSd show up differently for each of us. That's why those disorders are so wily. They want to live big. They want to skip down the street and dance on the beach so they're really good at fooling you so that you don't even know they're here. 

Sound Familiar?

Join us!

If this sounds familiar BreatheOnline for six weeks is the  course for you!  

We're going to connect and have accountability with tools that you already know. Additionally, you're going to learn some new skills and tools. Each week you're going to practice the skills and tools you've learned and then add to them. It's an effective way to layer the learning and the feeling that your life is getting better without getting overwhelmed and scared.  

I am going to be there for full support the entire time. I got you!

BreatheOnline Is For Everyone!

The reality is that the tools and skills that I teach in BreatheOnline are good for absolutely everyone on the planet. 

BreatheOnline is like going to the gym, for your brain. So, if you want to learn a better way to manage your mental health, join us! 

You need a diagnosis. You don't need to feel overwhelmed or be suffering. You just have to want to learn new skills and tools. 

BreatheOnline is like going to the gym for your brain

We can all do a better job of managing our mental health.

 Chances are you go to the gym to for your body. You hydrate for your body. You eat well for your body. You try hard to get good rest for your body. 

What about how you treat your brain? 

 I teach BreatheOnline because it works! if you want to learn a better way to manage your mental health, join us.

Let's Check In

How It Works

There are six concepts to help you manage high emotion and feel like you don't have to hijacked. Each week starts with a video where I introduce the learning concept for the week.

Working at your own pace,  you learn practices throughout the week to help the lesson process and move from your head to your heart.  Throughout our time together you'll start to feel better and you'll see that there are lots of ways to manage better. You just have to pick which works best for you. I'm here, the entire time to help you with that. . . 


Ready? Doors open January 10, work begins January 20!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Learn how to mindfully manage your mental health with; 


Yoga Poses 


DBT skills  (dialectical behavior therapy)



You'll get the chides forever, as well as worksheets to help you learn better and more efficiently. 

Free Bonus: One-on-one time with me through Zoom, or on the phone.